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Indemak Induction

Please let me briefly introduce ourselves. Indemak is one of the leading companies at Foundry Sector at Turkish market and at our neighbourhood region. Indemak produce Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces from 100kg to 10000kg capacity.

Indemak is also representative of pour-tech AB Company's which had installed many Laser Controlled Auto Pouring System for vertical and horizontal melding lines.

Indemak is young company but company has well experienced team members from foundry sector.


Water Cooler Power Cable

Indemak Induction Furnace SystemsFor every kind of induction furnace we are able to provide power cables, enduring high currency with water - cooling, hose joint components and high insulated water hoses.
Coil Production and Repairing
Indemak Induction Furnace Systems100 kg - 20000 kg In coil manufacture, we are using special epoxy insulation material that is resistant high voltage and high temprature.

Second Hand Induction

Indemak Induction Furnace SystemsHydraulic, water cooling, electricity, air insttallation and steel construction works of all sorts of induction furnaces and other foundry machines are carried on according to given projects.
Address : Bakırlı Mah. Arpalık Sok. No:19 Sarımeşe- Kartepe / Kocaeli
Phone : +90 262 311 29 49 - 373 29 01
E-mail : info@indemak.com.tr
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